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The risk in a theater is that one may be targeted with tomatoes.

All of these spaces provide a context or theater in which public ritual performances appear to have been conducted.


This comment carried extra weight in an age where political rallies were held in the theater.

Funding allowed for females to organize new, creative activities, such as singing groups and theater per formances embedded in the women’s own experiences.

A total of 20 narrative formats were written to resemble theater scripts.

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Almost embarrassingly eager to let us know how much research he has done, he is the theater’s ultimate teacher’s pet, forever volunteering details.

Also, the divestiture of theaters eliminated the studios’ profits from their theater chains.

Critics squirmed, but the public kept filling the theater.

On the one hand, he recognizes the economic realities of the theater.

Perceiving is an achievement of the individual, not an appearance in the theater of his consciousness.

As with the echoic model, characteristics of the pretense and theater models are preserved by a framing account.

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Places in the public theater were allocated according to rank and class.

In all the major theaters of operations, therefore, doctors were given local neuropsychiatric training in brief courses of one kind or another.

That, above all else, is why we leave the theater so profoundly moved (p. 14).

Meetings were often held in abandoned theaters and tickets gave the faithful admission to services.

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