Trang chủ Đời sống mineral water

mineral water

Tác giả: tranthang
mineral water

More recently, the availability of filters, bottled water, and ‘spring water’ for general use as opposed to more salty mineral water have increased.

Her expression is blank; periodically she fiddles with her feet, drinks mineral water, plays with the bottle.


They include consumer electronics and household appliances, mineral water/wine, paper goods and cosmetics.

It should thus not be possible for bromate to be found in natural mineral water.

The obligation of re-use is often to the advantage of local producers of beer or mineral water.

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Not only are the mineral water manufacturers taxed upon the sugar, but they are taxed upon the mineral water when it is produced.

This question also affects the mineral water manufacturers.

If not, why not tax some other large industries—mineral water, for instance.

Could we also have the comparable figures for the mineral water manufacturers?

Let me give an example by quoting a letter which was written to me by a salesman-driver of a firm of mineral water manufacturers.

It is not fair that the mineral water trade of the country should bear this burden.

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The incresase in sales of mineral water is not just a question of style or the yuppie life but of mistrust of drinking water.

The result is that the mineral water manufacturers have suffered a great decrease in business owing to the operation of this tax.

The limits for natural mineral water, as with drinking water, spring water and bottled drinking water, are set on health grounds.

Over the years one has heard of the tragedies caused; for example, by chemicals being kept after use in mineral water bottles.

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