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Most of the disputes were on a small-scale, often interpersonal, with numbers usually increasing exponentially once families and especially kinships were involved.

Could there be secret groupings and kinships which, because they make things rhyme, turn one thing into another?


Today the entire village is composed of three large kinships descended from the three founders, each with several lineages.

Data from the kinships of monozygotic twins indicate maternal effects on verbal intelligence.

Typically, this strategy involved the follow-up of 580 kinships.

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No fewer than seven members of this kinship had died in the first year of life.

Recent research reveals the importance of kinship and lineage in non-human primates.

Sharing food with females also seems linked to kinship.

In nature, the obvious way is through genetic relatedness- kinship.

First we shall look at the theories in their work concerning the evolution of kinship and marriage.

Kinship terms are part of a language and operate as signs with signifiers and signifieds- usage of kinship terms indicates membership of a language group.

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The first is the more formal and apparent and may be considered as a system of nomenclature for kinship relations and rules for its usage.

He clearly was engaged in the analysis of kinship and myth as an anthropologist.

Pounce or slide, the second word moves in on the first and tricks it into rhyme, claims kinship against the odds.

The basis of clanship is to be found as much in the relationships created through these daily practices, as in an ideology of kinship.

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